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Hit the trails with Brian Fisher of Fisher's Off-Road as he takes on adventures all over the world. Whether he's fighting his way through a mud hole, cruising down the trail or challenging the rapids in a kayak, Brian is always on the move. Traveling from state to state and country to country you will see first hand some of the greatest adventure destinations ever.

The best part is that where Brian goes... his family goes. Brian and his wife Melissa are no strangers to the ATV industry. They grew up riding dirt bikes, 3-wheelers and ATVs; turning their passion into a lifestyle and bringing their children along on the journey. Now, all grown up, their daughter Bri Fisher is following in Brian's footsteps. She is ready to take on any challenge from climbing mountains in a rock bouncer to surfing the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

Brian's "Keepin' It Real" attitude keeps you on your toes, wondering what will be next. You won't want to miss this adventure!

Brian Fisher